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Subscription FAQs

Can I request what variety of coffee I receive? 

Yes! You'll receive a welcome email when you sign up for a subscription. That email asks several questions, including what varieties you prefer, just respond to that and we'll make a note on our end. Even if you sign up for Roaster's Choice, please let us know your preferences. We get that not everyone wants a straight cup of Sumatran coffee first thing in the morning!

When will my coffee show up? 

If we have your order by noon on Tuesday, you'll get your coffee the same week, otherwise expect your coffee the following week.

Mail orders go out via USPS on Wednesday and PDX porch drops are on Thursday/Friday. 


Right now we're delivering to SE on Thursday's and NE/N/NW/SW on Friday, if we switch it up, we'll let you know! Then each month when your subscription renews it'll follow the same timing. 

How often will I get coffee? 

All subscriptions are set up to renew monthly and we'll deliver/ship the Thursday/Friday of the same week (cut off is Tuesday at noon). 

Will my coffee stay fresh all month? 

Yes! All coffee will come in a valve bag. These are designed to let the coffee off-gas (totally normal part of the process!) while not getting stale. Just leave your coffee in the bag while you're using it or switch it to a mason jar with a lid. Whatever you do, don't refrigerate or freeze your beans!

I would like my coffee to be delivered to a different address than the one PayPal used, how do I update it?

Our welcome email asks you to respond, confirming the delivery address for the subscription. We've got a handy spreadsheet going on our end so we'll keep track for your deliveries. 

I need to pause or cancel my subscription, how do I do this? 

When you sign up you'll create a log in for You can log in and edit your subscription at any point. OR email us, at any point and we can update things on the back end. 

I have other questions not answered here! 

Don't fret! Please shoot over an email to and we'll get things figured out. We're a small operation and one of the owners is monitoring the emails so we'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

Anything else I should know?

We think you're doing great in all of this insanity and we are super impressed you read this far! Keep up the good work of being a kind human, and hopefully we can supply the coffee to get your days started off right. 

I've got suggestions or opinions on the subscription, who do I let know? 

Send us an email and let us know! We're gonna be honest here, this is our first rodeo with subscriptions and we're doing our best. Luckily we're a small outfit so we can figure things out pretty darn quick. We want to make this easy and welcome the feedback. 

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