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About Our Roastery

Cellar Door started with the simple idea that we could treat people well while sharing our love of delicious coffees. Since 2007 we've been building friendships around coffee and food, first at the Montavilla and Moreland farmers' markets, and at our cafe in Portland for over ten years. 

​We roast our in our "cellar", the basement of an early 1900's building in inner SE Portland. 

Our roaster exhaust is cleaned and cooled by an innovative system designed by Jeremy Adams that has been featured in  Roast Magazine and Willamette Week. Cellar Door has become a destination for interested roasters from around the world who are looking for an alternative to fossil fuel intensive afterburners, which are still the industry standard.




"Roastmaster General" Andrea Pastor established our coffee selection and roasting program—​ seeking out coffees that were grown as sustainably as possible. We carry several certified Fair Trade and Organic coffees at all times because we support protecting the environment and raising the standard of living for the millions of coffee growers and workers throughout the world.



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